Hack for Future

A creative community, working together to raise awareness about the climate crisis and inspire action.

Join our next climate hackathon on June 13th!

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Most people have heard about the climate crisis, and how we rapidly need to bend the curve of global CO2e-emissions downwards. Still, few people take action.

We want to change that.


As members of Hack for Future, we believe we can achieve this by improving our climate communication. But raising awareness is not enough. Good climate communication inspires people by starting with why they should take action, before exploring how.

That's why we are connecting creative people from all around the world so we can solve this and #HackforFuture, together. Join us!

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Our climate hackathons

We regularly organize creative meeting places to collaborate with engaged people from all around the world. Find interesting ongoing projects you can contribute to - or bring your own project and get support and inspiration from our community.

You don't need any previous knowledge to participate. Just come as you are and bring your curiosity!

Let's #HackforFuture. Welcome!