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A creative community of entrepreneurs, developers and designers working on open source solutions for a sustainable future

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Impact Tech for a Sustainable Future

Together, we maximize our positive impact for a sustainable future. By collaborating on interesting projects, we improve our skills and meet new friends, but most importantly, we empower more people to explore opportunities in the impact tech industry.

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Open Source

We release our creations under open source licenses. This helps us simplify collaboration, invite new contributors - and most importantly, to maximize our positive impact by enabling others to build upon what we've created.

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Learning and Mentorship

Come as you are, learn together and work on inspiring projects. Find a mentor to support your journey into impact tech, and pay it forward by becoming a mentor yourself. Network, learn and grow.

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Weekly Community Calls

Join our weekly calls to explore and collaborate on creative projects - or just drop in to chat! Find your own learning path and make regular progress by working together.

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